Our Manifesto

The Mission of SFC is to connect all the Sapienza Students interested in finance, macroeconomics, geopolitics.

The heart of our activities is a weekly meeting where all the active members convene. Following a discussion on recent topics of relevance, we agree on trade ideas, deal analysis and research that will be published on the SFC website and newsletter. Longer-term projects such as in depth-reports are also explored and produced by the members. The Sapienza Finance Club also runs external activities open to all Sapienza students. These have included in the past: market making competitions, networking events with finance professionals and former members, case studies, events on how to get a summer internship and much more.

Sapienza Finance Club is the first Sapienza association to conceive the word “Finance” in the broadest sense; it gives freedom to the students who like to talk and write about all finance topics including investment banking, wealth and asset management, hedge funds and private equity, macroeconomics and political scenarios.