The riskGRID ETRM Game: Commodity Investing and Trading market-driven course regarding the fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, futures, swaps, options, deal structuring (financial engineering). The course and the game is organized by David G. Stack who is the managing director of Agrimax, a commodity market consulting firm. He has worked in the commodities industry since the late 1980s on all aspects of the energy and agricultural markets. David is experienced in all parts of the physical and financial space, and specializes in derivatives, with clients ranging from the smallest producer to the largest consumer, including hedge funds and NGOs. Having previously worked at Barclays, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge, Enron and BP, he is also MD of the Commodity Trading Room at ESCP Europe, and develops trading and risk management software with riskGRID. Our role was to build a strategy, execute, evaluate and re-balance within a Risk adjusted Framework (RάF ™ by riskGRID), trading in a highly dynamic market under the supervision of Louis Dreyfus representative. The introductory slides for the course are available here.
Participants: Rostyslav Lytvyn, Antonio Perrella, Giuseppe Perrone, Alessandro Razzino and Soufiane Addou.